How it works

One-Time Setup sets customer business logic and transformations

Then nightly:

  1. Query Salesforce for new and updated contacts, and campaign information.
  2. Transform Apply the customer's transformations, like apply tags or Activist Codes.
  3. Downstream Insert/Match the record into VAN, applying any needed Activist Codes
  4. Upstream Cherry pick VAN data (VANID, Districts, etc) and push it upstream to Salesforce custom fields.
  5. Report A report of synchronization activity is saved and emailed to the customer.

OSDI Connections

Sync uses OSDI to communicate with VAN, Salesforce, Action Network and other systems, so other CRMs are supported. If you need help getting API keys, we can help.

Flexible Transform Rules

Fill out a form with your custom fields, campaigns, and the logic you want to apply Activist Codes.

See the table to the right for some examples of the rules and logic which can be configured

Note: SF == Salesforce, SF Campaigns are represented as Lists in OSDI, AC == VAN Activist Code, which is represented as a Tag in OSDI

Your Choices

Condition Action
SF Engagement Level < 1 Exclude/Ignore
SF Engagement level > 1 Apply "Engagement Level-X" AC
(where X is the value)
Member of SF 'supervols' campaign Apply VAN Activist Code 'Volunteer'
SF field 'ElectedOfficial__c' is true Apply VAN "Elected Official" Activist Code
if "Precinct" district in VAN Push the value into SF field 'Precinct__c'
Query Salesforce via OSDI

Get new and updated people

You get to choose which custom fields should be retrieved from Salesforce.

When downloading a record, if the synchronizer has seen it before, and these fields haven't changed, it will not waste OSDI API calls to VAN.


Apply business logic

When a new or updated record is detected, the transformation will be run, according to the customer's selections as above.

Customization is flexible via Javascript.

Know enough JS to be dangerous?

Custom Javascript Functions

Status Reports

Nightly job status reports

When your synchronization job completes, you will receive a status report in email. The synchronizer will explain what it did for each record, activist codes added, and if any errors arose.

Time UTC Level Message
11:12:45am INFO == Processing Tom Ripley <>
11:12:45am INFO
  • "custom_fields": {
  • - "Elected_Official__c": false
  • + "Elected_Official__c": true
  • },
  • "list_names": [
  • + "supervols"
  • ]
11:12:46am INFO Merged 41 Tom Ripley
11:12:47am INFO Adding TAGS ["Elected Official", "Volunteer"]
Pushing downstream to myvan Tim Ripley
11:12:47am INFO Updating upstream salesforce with custom fields

Service Pricing

  • Standard
  • Normal subscription (6mos min)
  • $100 / month
  • $200 Setup Fee
  • Includes Standard Setup Customization
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