Set up multiple Personas

Virtual Mobile numbers and Email Addresses


Automation Keywords

Keywords trigger Q&A, add tags, or put in lists


Programmable Features

Hero is programmable, leveraging Field Organizers growing technical skills.

Email & SMS

Question/Answer Scripts

Keywords trigger a script. Each script can have multiple questions that the prospect is asked via SMS, and the answers are saved in their record. These can be used to gather richer info from volunteers, or to automatically result in an event signup. Or, keep it simple with keywords that return links to donation or pledge web pages. You can also send back graphical stickers upon completion.

Email & SMS

2-way status and Chat

When reminder comms are sent, volunteers can confirm with sms replies, clickable links in email, or even by accepting the iCal invitation. These status updates are automatically sync'd back to VAN!
Generic chat messages are relayed to organizers email inboxes which can be replied directly or in-app.


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