Integrates with your world

Multiple Synchronization Strategies

Leverage OSDI Standard

Supports the evolving progressive standard Open Supporter Data Interface

OSDI Event and Signup Sync

Synchronize events, signups and volunteer information from other systems like VAN & Action Network. Uses codes to filter and organizer events in Hero


OSDI CRM signup to VAN

Sync web form signups in Action Network into the VAN Volunteer Queue for Field Organizers

OSDI Push to CRM

Push volunteers from Hero into your CRM with taggings.

Programmable Features

Hero is programmable, leveraging Field Organizers growing technical skills.

Email & SMS

Flexible Template Logic

Templates for SMS and Email use liquid templating and logic. So you can tailor each message based on a variety variables like attendance status or confirmation status to send different text.

Email & SMS

2-way status and Chat

When reminder comms are sent, volunteers can confirm with sms replies, clickable links in email, or even by accepting the iCal invitation. These status updates are automatically sync'd back to VAN!
Generic chat messages are relayed to organizers email inboxes which can be replied directly or in-app.

Configurable Reminders and Followup

Make it your way

You can create multiple different messages over different channels (SMS, Email) at different times.

Easy Customization

Trick out with Mods

Hero has a growing number of Mods on communications and event campaigns. Examples are only sending messages to first-timers or those who have not confirmed.

Know enough JavaScript to be dangerous?


If the mods don't do what you need, your robot's javascript brain can be customized.
Don't let Digital have all the cool toys!

Got Questions?

Create SMS Bots and Scripts

Create a set of questions to be run as a script over SMS with your volunteers. These can be used to gather richer info from volunteers, or to automatically result in an event signup. Or, keep it simple with keywords that return links to donation or pledge web pages. You can also send back graphical stickers upon completion.


What our customers say

Organizers who Rock!

A surprising thing happened when Krieger started using Hero to automatically send text message notifications and reminders to volunteers. Instead of simply confirming whether or not they could attend, people began to ask questions and start conversations about the campaign. People who may not have had enough experience to feel confident volunteering were empowered to ask for the support they needed.
“When a volunteer receives a text message from me they feel very comfortable, it allowed people to feel a lot more comfortable communicating and asking questions.”
Emily Krieger, Field Organizer
Washington Conservation Voters
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“Without Hero we’d have to do it on paper and then we’d have to enter it in, and then you’d have to make sure that paper makes it into a staffers hand and then you’d have to make sure that staffer gets it into VAN, so you’re burning time. There’s no other product out there that’s affordable that offers that offers the value and flexibility that I’ve seen in 16 years of organizing — especially for the price.”
Ward Curtin, Field Director
Oklahoma Yes for 779
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